Depending on type of venue and budget we can offer you many different types of shows:

Elvis, the Rockabilly cat

In the fist set of this show Kent and his Rockabilly Quartet puts on a highly energetic Elvis tribute focusing on his early career. After the break Kent and the quartet returns with highlights from the sixties and the seventies. The show is not only packed with happy, swinging Rock & Roll that makes you want to dance. There is also a lot self-distance and humour, which allows the audience to laugh and leave the venue with a big smile on their faces. If you’re fed up with Elvis lookalikes, then this is the show for you. You only have to look at Kent‘s hairstyle to understand that this is another kind of tribute. It’s all about the music!

Growing up with Elvis

Although Kent is born a little too late (1963) he was hooked at the age of three. When in his teens other kids were listening to Kiss or Deep Purple, he was trying to figure out the intriguing mysteries of albums like “Burning Love” and “Elvis Now”. Later in life Kent claims that to understand Elvis’s musical legacy one needs to be an archeologist. This show is a personal trip where the audience is invited to Kent‘s personal trip with Elvis and at the same time solving many of the riddles of his recordings. This is a smaller, more intimate show, where Kent is accompanied by a pianoplayer only. Perfect for the small café. The show is guaranteed to leave the audience with a clearer picture of King’s musical legacy.

The full band experience

If the venue and the budget allows for it, why not go all in? With Hammond organ and piano added to the Rockabilly Quartet the show becomes more dynamic, musical and exciting. And with that full sound you will also hear some of the great, fat songs from the seventies.

Spice it up!

Since the show started in 2002 the show has often been highlighted by guest artists, most of them well known Swedish stars. If you want your event to be spiced up we can offer you a guest artist, depending on availability and costs of course. Among the guest artist you will find Henrik Åberg, Linda Gail Lewis Viktoria Tolstoy, Eva Eastwood, Claes Janson, Jack Baymore, Emmy Lou, Lisa Lystam, Magnus Carlson….and many more.

The big band experience

After many successful Big Band concerts with Uppsala Big Band we have the notes, the arrangements and we have collaborated with many local Big Band orchestras.

The Afro Choir Experience

Some of the most successful shows we have done have been in collaboration with the best “American sounding” choir in the land. When Kent and the band is backed by the energetic and charismatic Afro Choir it will send shivers down your spine and give you goose bumps all over.

How to book us?

Contact us to book a show. You find all our contact info on the Get in touch page.