3 new albums to be released 2021

Kent is currently working on 3 albums to be released 2021. The first is a very exciting trip into the repertoire of Elvis live 54-55. With songs like Little mama, Tweedle Dee and Hearts of stone this album is bound to be one of the most obscure Elvis tributes ever. The rockabilly quartet is heavily involved in this project.

The other two albums are more laidback with a lot of Americana touch and consists of personal picks by Kent and very personal musical arrangements of songs Kent has loved ever since a child. For once Kent has decided to play all the guitars himself. As he himself says: “I have always had the best guitarists in my band and the result is that I’ve lost self confidence as a guitar player. I mean, why bother when I can leave all the great playing to others who can do it better? So this time I decided to challenge myself and actually try to develop as a musician”. This is a pretty slow project and albums will probably not be released until fall 2021. To mention a few of the songs: Long lonely highway, It’s only love, Too much, By and by, Loving arms, My baby left me…..